Date/Time Format

Date/time values are found both as inputs and outputs in multiple places in the API.


We use ISO 8601 format including milliseconds for all output values. Here's an example showing standard date/time output formatting:

  "query": {
    "name": "body-position",
    "start-date": "2023-06-25T17:04:02.000Z",
    "end-date": "2023-06-25T17:04:03.000Z",


When a date/time is required as an input to an API endpoint, you may use a variety of formats.

[DATE_TIME] must be a string value representing a date, parsed and interpreted using the same algorithm implemented by Javascript's Date.parse()

Examples include:

ISO 8601, no milliseconds:


ISO 8601, with milliseconds:


Date string:


See date time string format for caveats on using different formats.

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