Educational Use and Research

Access to premium APIs for educational and research purposes

Some of our APIs require a paid subscription for access. Requests made using an API key created under a Free plan will be rejected in these cases. Premium endpoints include:

  • Az Alt Search

  • Geodesic

  • Elevation

  • Solar Eclipse Paths and Local Circumstances

  • Lunar Limb Profiles

  • Estimated Daily and Monthly Insolation

If you are working in an educational capacity or as an academic researcher, we will be happy to provide access at no charge to these APIs upon request. Please write to with details of your request.

Usage will still be subject to normal Free plan limits by default, but please let us know if you would like to discuss a higher limit.

If your research project is in the process of commercialization, we ask that you purchase a paid plan. We're happy to discuss extended trials, depending on your circumstances.

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