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Upcoming API end points

We've focussed on just a handful of API end points to begin our public beta phase, namely:

  • Body Position (Sun, Moon, Galactic Center, or for an arbitrary right ascension and declination)

  • Solar Eclipses

  • The Moon (libration and lunar limb profile)

However, we have a number of other API endpoints just waiting to be documented. You can expect to see the following added soon:

  • Julian to Date; Date to Julian Day

  • Delta T for Date

  • Rise/Transit/Set (Sun, Moon, Galactic Center, arbitrary ra/decl)

  • Az/Alt Search - search for a times when a body is at a given azimuth/altitude, or in a certain range of az/alt values

  • Celestial Events - Moon phases, solstices, equinoxes, lunar eclipses, solar eclipse general circumstances

  • Meteor Showers

  • Geodesic - calculate points along the great circle between any two points

  • Elevation - elevation at one or more latitude/longitudes, and elevation profiles along an arbitrary great circle

If you have other APIs you'd like to see, let us know.

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